Health Habits Check Up

Most of us have set goals to take care of our bodies and our well being.  Take a moment today to see how you have been doing lately. Ask yourself the questions below.  If a question represents one of the things you have wanted to work on but haven't been taking action, look below the question to find a simple...

Taught By God to Love Each Other

1 Thessalonians 4:9-10.  These verses are so straightforward and beautiful. What an amazing thought - to be taught by God Himself to love each other?  Not only were they blessed to be taught by our...

3 Key Factors to Promoting Good Health

While virtually everyone would like to have good health, far too often we treat our health as something that just happens to us.  We react to emergencies, but usually underestimate our potential to impact...

Have You Tried Quinoa “KEEN-wa”?

For the last few years I've been reading and hearing about a food that is smaller than rice looks like it could be pasta is actually related to spinach is slightly chewy is a...

Wives Don’t Break Up with Your Boyfriend

Wives, please don't break up with your boyfriend.  In the midst of motherhood, career, church activities and a host of other things that may not have been a part of your dating relationship with...

3 Overlooked Commands That Will Bless Your Marriage

Sometimes basic biblical teachings get pushed aside as if they apply to everyone else, except people who are married to each other.  While we are rightly instructed from the pulpit to love both our...

Keep Your Relationship Warm This Winter

Don't let inclement weather and shorter days put a winter freeze on romance.  Following are 5 ways to show your husband that despite the chilly temperatures he still gives you some very warm feelings. Instead...

Skin Care Regimen – Which Products to Apply First?

Beyond good nutrition and drinking plenty of water, if you are seeking a skin care regimen to help maintain healthy, hydrated and youthful looking skin there are a seemingly endless range of products. Once...

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