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I’d Like to Keep Up with my Walking, but Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’d Like to Keep Up with my Walking, but Baby It’s Cold Outside
It's Not TOO Cold!

From the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and all its trimmings to the cake and hors d’oeuvres that ring in the New Year, is this really the best time to take a break from your walking routine?  For many of us, the winter chill beckons that we stay inside and relax with yummy comfort food and warm desserts.  A ten minute walk in the wintry air could be just what we need to remind us of our priorities and our resolve to live a healthier lifestyle.

Let March come in like a Lion determined to greet the springtime with our good habits in tact.  With a few adjustments, winter is the perfect time to keep on moving!

  1. Dress for Success. Remember ladies – Layers, Layers, Layers.  Fortunately, there are many wonderful new fabrics that make light breathable options accessible and affordable.  Choose colors that are easy for others to see and styles that move with you.  From cap and scarf to gloves, coat and shoes, keep things simple, insulated, resistant to wind and water.
  2. Think ahead and bring the standard must haves – bottle of water, fully charged cell phone and a healthy snack just in case your walk lasts a little longer than you expect.
  3. Bring a buddy!  Keep up those healthy habits together.  What a great way to catch up with a friend and be an encouragement at the same time.
  4. Be ready to take it inside.  If conditions like icing, freezing, poor visibility or other potential safety concerns exist, that doesn’t mean you have to stop walking.  Fire up the treadmill, or if you don’t have one, consider a few trips up and down the stairs, or several trips back and forth from the living room to the kitchen, whatever it takes to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    It's Not TOO Cold!
    It’s Not TOO Cold!

Just think how good it will feel when spring arrives and you are able to shed a few layers and walk some more!

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