Keep Your Relationship Warm This Winter

Winter couple walking man and woman, young

Don’t let inclement weather and shorter days put a winter freeze on romance.  Following are 5 ways to show your husband that despite the chilly temperatures he still gives you some very warm feelings.

  1. Instead of rushing in from the car, slow down every once in a while and do the unexpected.  He knows you are cold, so what a great message to send when you just have to take a few extra seconds to squeeze his hand and say “thanks again” with an appreciative smile.  For what?  Whatever it is that comes to mind that you really appreciate – picking you up from work, fixing lunch for the kids this morning, clearing the snow, helping you last week, making you laugh when you really needed it – you’ll think of something!
  2.  Surprise him with a date.  Plan something he’ll love – either at home or out on the town and surprise him.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot or anything at all – just knowing that you were thinking of him and were excited to do something he’d love can make your husband feel very special.

    Winter couple walking man and woman, young
    Go for a walk, or to dinner with the guy you love.
  3. Do something for him that he usually does for himself just to be helpful.  Pick up something from the store, put something away, make a phone call – anything that you believe he would appreciate.
  4. Snuggle up more frequently – after all ladies, it is cold!  Inside or outside, if you feel the least bit cool, this might be a reminder to move in a little closer, or put your head on his shoulder.  In the midst of our busy days, let the winter chills be a reminder to get close a little more often.
  5. Practice your best listening skills.  The cold weather might mean that you are all in the house more.  If so, instead of focusing on catching up on the projects you are behind on, be very purposeful of listening closely, ie, really listening when your guy is talking with you.  If it is important enough for him to talk about, it’s important to him.  Use being stuck in the house as an opportunity to slow down and pay attention to the man who has your heart.  You know we can tell when someone is really listening to us, and when they are truly interested in what we are saying.  It’s a cool way to show your love, and a great way to keep it warm.