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Taught By God to Love Each Other

Taught By God to Love Each Other

1 Thessalonians 4:9-10.  These verses are so straightforward and beautiful.

Infographic 1Thess4_9-10What an amazing thought – to be taught by God Himself to love each other?  Not only were they blessed to be taught by our Heavenly Father to love each other, but Paul further stated that they were, in fact actually living it out and loving God’s family throughout the area.  This would seem to be wonderful enough, but he goes on to say that even so, he urged them to do so more and more.

  1. To learn how God wants us to love – to be taught by Him!
  2. To actually, in fact love the family of God
  3. To continue in that love and to do so more and more

Is this your experience in the family of God?  If so, do you purpose to do so more and more?  If your experience is not quite fitting this picture, what a beautiful thing to pray for.  Let’s pray that those of us who love God, will be taught by Him how to love each other – the whole family of God, especially those of the household of faith in our local area.  Let us pray that that we truly walk in this love, and seek diligently to  do so more and more.  Praise God who is able to do abundantly more than we ask or imagine.  Amen.